Awards, Grants and Bursaries

CACCN Overall Award Criteria

Review the overall award, bursary, grant criteria before submitting an application. Members and/or Nominees for Awards, Bursaries and Grants offered by the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses and those provided by our sponsors, are required to meet the following criteria for consideration.

Members and/or Nominees must:

  1. be an active member of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses for a minimum of one (1) year. Exceptions to the membership criteria are:
    • i. Brenda Morgan Leadership Excellence Award – member, for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years and;
    • ii. Life Member Award – member, for a minimum of ten (10) consecutive years.
  2. be licensed to practice nursing in Canada.
  3. provide signed applications and/or nomination letters (physical or electronic signatures accepted).
  4. provide contact information for applicants, nominees and those providing character references, chapter and/or national involvement, to verify authenticity, if required.
  5. complete the application/nomination via the online award, bursary and grant submission system.

Thank you to our sponsors

Submission DeadlineJune 1 by 2359 hrs. EST**Exception:  Certification Bursaries, CNA/MIP Inc Award and Chapter of the Year (under review)

BBraun Sharing Expertise Award

Sponsored by
BBraun Medical of Canada Ltd
Presented to an individual who exhibits stellar leadership and mentoring abilities in critical care. 

Award:  Dynamics Conference Tuition, Travel Bursary, Hotel Bursary to a maximum of $ 1700CDN

Online Submission
Chapter of the Year

Sponsored by
The CACCN “Chapter of the Year” Award is presented to recognize the effort, contributions and
dedication of a CACCN Chapter in carrying out the purposes and goals of the association.
Award: $1,000
Deadline: May 31
This award is under review as of Sept 2019.
Calculation Sheet

Spacelabs Innovative Project Awards

Sponsored by
Spacelabs Healthcare
Presented to a critical care nurse or group of critical care nurses who develop a project that will enhance their professional development.

1st Place $1000;
2nd Place $500 OR Two Awards: $750

Online Submission
Brenda Morgan Leadership Excellence Award

Sponsored by CACCN
Presented to a critical care nurse who, on a consistent basis demonstrates outstanding performance in leadership in critical care.
Award: Trophy and $1000

Online Submission
Canadian Intensive Care Week “Spotlight” Challenge Award

Sponsored by CACCN
Presented to a group of critical care nurses who develop an activity and/or event to profile their local Critical Care Team during Canadian Intensive Care Week held annually in October.

Bursary: $ 500

Online Submission
Certification Bursary

Sponsored by CACCN
Provided annually to assist critical care nurses who successfully certify or renew their certification in our specialty – CNCC(C) and CNCCP(C).

$ 1,000 annually
$ 1,000 annually​

Deadline for submission:
Initial Certification: Spring – March 15
Fall – September 15
Renewal by CL Hours:  November 1​5

Initial Certification: Online Submission 

Renewal Certification: Online Submission
CACCN, CNA, MIP Inc Certification Award
Sponsored by MIP Inc; administered by CNA
Provided for 2020/2021 to assist a critical care nurse to certify or renew their certification in our specialty – CNCC(C) and CNCCP(C).

Award Maximum:
$ 750​

Deadline for submission:
September 30, 2021

Online Submission

Not a current member? JOINUS before September 30, 2020 to be eligible to apply
Chasing Excellence Award

Sponsored by CACCN
Presented to a critical care nurse who consistently demonstrates excellence in critical care nursing practice.

Award: $ 1000

Online Submission
Education Bursary

Paula Price Memorial Bursary

Sponsored by CACCN
Presented to assist critical care nurses to pursue baccalaureate studies or a critical care certification program, directly related to the practice, administration, teaching and/or research of critical care nursing.

Bursary: ​$1000 

Merit Points application Word PDF

Online Submission

Education Bursary

Graduate Bursary

Sponsored by CACCN
Presented to assist critical care nurses to pursue Master’s or Doctoral education with a focus on critical care nursing​.

Bursary: $1000 

Merit Points application  Word PDF

Online Submission
Life Member Award

Sponsored by CACCN
Life Member status is conferred on individuals who have demonstrated sustained support and exceptional contributions to the Association, as well as the advancement of the art and science of critical care nursing through practice, education, research leadership and advocacy for the specialty.

Award:  View Criteria

Online Nomination

This award is conferred by the Board of Directors.

CACCN Members may recommend members who meet the criteria for the award by submitting the nominee’s name and a brief statement on their eligibility for the award through the online format.
Research Grant

Sponsored by CACCN
Awarded to a critical care nurse who is the investigator of a research study that is relevant to the practice of critical care nursing.

Grant:  $2500 
Grant Criteria

Research Grant Estimated Budget Form
(must be completed and uploaded to the online application)

Online Submission
** EST = Eastern Standard Time
Questions: contact National Office at or 866-477-9077 / 519-207-7007

Previous Award Recipients and Certification Listings

Acknowledging CACCN members who received awards and those who certified/renewed in our critical care specialty certification. For information about Certification.

Daisy Foundation

DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. The DAISY Foundation was formed in November, 1999, by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). During his hospitalization, Pat’s family was truly touched by his nurses’ care – not only the impressive clinical skill but especially the compassion and kindness they showed Pat and his family. So when he died, his family felt compelled to express their profound gratitude to nurses for the work they do for patients and their families every day. Today, The DAISY Award honors extraordinary nursing care in nearly 1,800 healthcare facilities in fourteen countries, including Canada.  Over 40,000 nurses have been honored, to date, and over 140,000 nurses nominated for The DAISY Award.  Why Meaningful Recognition is so important:  More Information