Canadian Intensive Care Week – 23-29 October 2022

Celebrate….the Intensive Care Team – there for YOU in critical moments

Canadian Intensive Care Week 2022 Blog Post: Honouring ICU Professionals

Download Posters: English French

2023: October 22 to 28

2024: October 20 to 23

Canadian Intensive Care Week is a week to reflect on our practice, promote the work we do, promote our workplace, acknowledge our co-workers and celebrate the Intensive Care Team!

Apply…for funding to assist with your plans! Apply for the CACCN Canadian Intensive Care Week “Spotlight Challenge” Bursary! Deadline is June 1, annually.
Share information about Canadian Intensive Care Week! Print and post the ICU Week Posters (English/French) on information boards in your hospital. Set up an information table or display showcasing the ICU Team!  Have volunteers available to share information about the ICU Team and what we do.
Write a brief article for your hospital/facility internal newsletter!
Encourage your chapter leadership to visit your ICU to share information about CACCN!
Share what you, where you do it!Offer tours of the Intensive Care Unit (during the pandemic, please adhere to your hospital’s policies)
Acknowledge Your Colleagues Provide refreshments for the ICU Team on the unit. Tell a coworker…or two…what a great job they do on a daily basis!
Celebrate a colleague receiving a CACCN Award (nominate them in June !) Encourage your hospital to become involved with the DAISY Foundation:  DAISY Award.
Nominate a colleague for an award offered by your employer!
Share who you are and why you do what you do…with your Patients and their FamiliesFor once…toot your own horn!  
Start a conversation with a patient and/or their family about critical care nursing!
Tell them why you do what you do!
Ask if they have any questions and thank them for listening.
Offer an education sessionProvide an breakfast or luncheon education session to increase awareness of the ICU Team and to kick off Cdn ICU Week! 
Share what you are doing!Post on your Chapter’s Facebook page, use Instagram and Twitter!  
Be sure to add #CICU2021 and #CACCN as well as the CACCN Twitter handle @CACCN1
Have Fun!Be creative, be involved….

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