Did you know?  Over 1,300 critical care nurses across Canada have their national Canadian Nurses Association specialty designation!  Care to Be the Best!

CACCN supports and encourages Canadian Nurses Association Certification – the nationally recognized credential for registered nurses.  Becoming certified in your specialty demonstrates your commitment to nursing excellence and continuing competence. Successful completion of the examination enables critical care nurses to hold the credential of Certified Nurse in Critical Care – Canada (CNCC-C) or Certified Nurse in Critical Care – Pediatrics (CNCCP-C) for a period of 5 years. 

Initial Certification: Information regarding eligibility, blueprints, and more – visit CNA’s website

Renewal Certification: Information regarding renewing by continuing learning hours, and more – visit CNA’s website

Canadian Nurses Association – Important Dates

This information is provided from the CNA’s website for information purposes only

Application PeriodExamination WindowFees
2022 Spring
Initial Exam
January 13 to March 7, 2022May 1 to 15, 2022CNA Fees
2022 Fall
Initial Exam
June 1 to September 1, 2022November 1 to 15, 2022CNA Fees
CL Hours or Exam
January 13 to November 1, 2022Not ApplicableCNA Fees
Renew by CL Hours
Renew by Exam

Funding Opportunities

Review Courses

Critical Care Nursing Review: Critical Care Concepts

This course offered by Brenda L Morgan, provides an overview of the core critical care theory and competencies that are the basis for the certification examination in adult critical care nursing in Canada (CNCC-C). Read more…

CACCN Certification Resources – Members Only

Earn Continuing Learning Hours (CL) through CACCN
CACCN Membership: 4 CL hours per year
Committee activity related to your certification nursing specialty/area of nursing practice (i.e. includes serving on the planning committee for a specialty conference or on the executive of the association for your area of nursing practice): 25 CL hours maximum
Presentations, lectures and posters  –  credits for presentations you make to other health professionals on topics related to your area of certification.  Prep time is included: Calculate preparation time by doubling the presentation time (e.g., 1 hour presentation plus 2 hours preparation = 3 CL hours)
Oral or poster presentation to a provincial or national conference: 10 CL hours maximum for presentation and preparation
Volunteering related to your nursing specialty (e.g., with a not-for-profit organization or charity, serving as a board member or delivering presentations to clients and/or consumers.): 15 CL hours maximum
Over the five-year certification term for completing learning activities related to meeting your jurisdictional regulatory standards.† (see more at specialty certification CNA): 15 CL hours maximum
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