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CACCN membership is valid for one or two years from the date of registration or renewal (i.e. join/renew on January 6, 2018, the membership will expire January 31, 2019).

Type *
One Year  plus taxes**Two Year  plus taxes **
Member$ 80.00 $ 150.00
Affiliate$ 80.00$ 150.00
Student $ 55.00Not Applicable
Important!  Read the Continuous Renewal FAQs
* Member:  Registered nurse working in or having an interest in critical care;  
* Affiliate:  Nurse, not currently working in critical care, medical supplier, and others  with an interest in critical care; 
Student:  any student nurse in an accredited professional nursing program who is not currently licensed as a registered nurse / graduate nurse  ** tax based on province of residentPlease note, Student Affiliate Membership cannot be completed using the online membership processing system.  Please complete the application and email to or fax to 519-649-1458 or mail to CACCN, P. O. Box # 25322, London, ON, N6C 6B1.   International (outside Canada – excluding the US):  Available to nurses who hold registered nurse licensure in a country other than the Canada.  Membership includes all CACCN benefits; however, benefits are delivered digitally (via email or the website.  US members will receive their information via Canada Post.
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Are you interested in joining CACCN?  To register, complete the online membership application or complete your membership by email, fax or mail.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, cheque or money order.   NOTE:  IF processing more than one application from the same computer – clear your internet browser before beginning the next application!
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Membership processing is completed through our database hosted by X-CD Technologies.Select Renew ONLINE below and sign in:User name:   your email address on file with CACCNPassword:  your email address on file with CACCN**** if you registered for the Dynamics 2017 conference or submitted an abstract, you may already have a password for the account. If you have forgotten your password, please select password reset or contact caccn@caccn.caWe accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, cheque or money order.If you are a previous member (our database goes back to June 2017) or have forgotten the email you used to register originally, please contact CACCN national office at for assistanceImportant!  Read the Continuous Renewal FAQs
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Recruit a new CACCN Member and WIN!  For each new CACCN member you refer quarterly, we will enter your name into a blind draw to win a complimentary one year membership!