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  • February 9 @ 1200 hrs ET: WebinarRecognizing and Managing Abnormally Slow Cardiac Rhythms: Enhancing Nurses’ Clinical Assessment Toolkit
    • Presenter: Nancy Clark, NP
    • Learning Objectives:
      • Classify causes of bradycardia; review types of heart block; understand the Canadian Syncope Risk Score; review the therapeutic management for the treatment of sinus and AV conduction disease; reflect on the nursing implications related to patient/family education as it relates to living with an electrical disturbance.
    • This webinar is open to CACCN and CCCN members.
  • February 16 @ 1800 hrs ET: Webinar Pediatric apheresis and thrombotic microangiopathies (TMA) .
    • Presenter: Maria Di Mola, BScN, MEd, RN, Clinical Practice Lead|Apheresis – Sponsored by Alexion AstraZeneca Rare Disease
    • Learning Objectives: Overview of pediatric apheresis, Clinical indications for therapeutic plasma exchange, TMA and the pediatric patient and Nursing care: complications and considerations.
    • This webinar is open to ALL critical care nurses – membership is not required. This webinar was postponed from January 2023 – if you registered for the January webinar, you do not need to register again. The link and information will be automatically sent to you.
    • CACCN Registration:
    • CAAN Registration:
    • Registration deadline: February 14 @ 2359 hrs ET
  • March 9:
  • March 30:
    • Webinar – Mentorship Series Session 1Mentorship and Preparation
    • Presenter: Robin Burry
  • April 13:
    • Webinar Clinical Presentation
    • Presenter: Caroline Penner, RN, CNCC(C)
  • April 25:
    • Webinar – Building Partnerships in Crisis
    • Presenter: Karen Dryden-Palmer, MSN, RN
  • May 11:
    • Nursing Week – “Our Nurses, Our Future”
    • Webinar or Journal Club – TBA
  • June 8:
    • Webinar – Mentorship Series Session 2Preceptorship
    • Presenter: Michelle Lalonde
  • June 22:
    • Webinar – Preparing to Publish
    • Presenters: Michelle House-Kokan, MSN, RN, CNCC(C), CCNE and Asha Pereira, PhD, RN
    • This presentation will provide an overview of the publishing process as well as tips for preparing a manuscript for submission. The authorship guidelines for the Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing (CJCCN) will be reviewed.
  • September 7:
    • Webinar or Journal Club – TBA
  • October 12:
    • Webinar – Mentorship Series Session 3 – Work Environment
    • Presenter: Kim MacMillan
  • November 9:
    • Webinar or Journal Club – TBA
  • November 23:
    • Webinar or Journal Club – TBA
  • December 7:
    • Webinar – Mentorship Series Session 4 – Panel Discussion
    • Facilitators: Brandi Vanderspank-Wright and Caroline Penner

Past Events / Recordings – “Members Only”

December 2022
SITUATION CRITICAL: New Graduates in High Acuity
Dr. Judy Duchscher
Nursing the Future
November 2022
The Technology of Nursing
Sponsored by Spacelabs Healthcare (Canada) Inc.
Krista Silvaggio,
Clinical Education Manager and Integration Specialist, Spacelabs Healthcare (Canada) Inc.
November 2022
National Journal Club Recording: Review – Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance
Article: Review – Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance – The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance Atlas on the Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Management of Cardiovascular Disease in Women d Chapter 6: Sex- and Gender-Specific Diagnosis and Treatment.
Lindsey Patterson, BScN, RN, CCNP, CNCC(C), CACCN Director
October 2022
Caring for a patient with TMA: A Nursing Perspective
Sponsored by Alexion AstraZeneca Rare Disease
Megan Buckholz, RN
Secretary, Canadian Association of Apheresis Nurses (CAAN)
September 2022
Complex Neurological Determination of Death: Case studies
Karine Allard, BScN, RN, CNCC(C), CACCN Director
June 2022
CACCN National Journal Club
Article: “Principles of fluid management and stewardship in septic shock: it is time to consider the four D’s and the four phases of fluid therapy”.
Sarah Crowe, MN, PMD-NP(F), NP, CNCC(C), CACCN President
May 2022
Nursing Week – National Journal Club
Article: “The core of patient-participation in the Intensive Care Unit: The patient’s views”.
Dr. Brandi Vanderspank-Wright, PhD, RN, CNCC(C), CACCN, Vice President