Dynamics 2018 – Calgary, AB

Dynamics of Critical Care™ Conference 2018
September 24 to 26, 2018  Calgary, AB


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2AOrgan optimization: Understanding the medical management of potential organ donors after the declaration of neurological deathL Robinson and H Cohrs
3AGo with the Flow: The development of a rescue extra corporeal life support (ECLS) program in a non-surgical children’s hospitalT Spence and S Menzies
3BIntravenous Facts and MythsT Kavanagh and J Lehr
3DMedical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in Manitoba – a Manitoba first!M Kiesman and J Walker-Tweed
4BDummies on the Go: Utilizing telehealth during paediatric outreach educationT Spence and J Chatfield
4DAn innovative mobilization framework for delirium management: How to un-paralyze the assessment and implementation processC Filipek, et al
4EBedside shift report (BSR): Benefits, barriers, and strategies for adopting a patient-centred approach to nurse handover.V Bains, et al            
5AImplementation of a critical incidence stress management program at a tertiary care hospitalE Folz and R Kampman
5BMassive Pulmonary EmbolismT Scullard
5CTurning up the HIET: High-dose insulin euglycemic therapy for calcium channel blocker (CCB) and beta-blockade (BB) toxicity.C Arias
5DSepsis 3: Definitions, identification, and management.

Sepsis 3: Handouts
B Fagan
6EUnderstanding proning is not so hARDS: Beyond ‘improving V/Q mismatch’ & the physiology of proningC Arias
6GDelirium in critical care, little people get it too: Lessons learned from a paediatric intensive care unit (PICU).L Lee, et al
7CTransforming critical care orientation for novice nurses within the contemporary nursing workforce.L Brooking et al
10ESupporting critical care best practice with an integrated approach to quality improvementK Webb-Anderson, et al
PP1Delegate’s Choice Poster Recipient: Stepping up: Supporting critical care nurses in advocating for their patients with a mental health illness in a critical care setting.R Antonacci, et al
PP2Did your patient get their sleep? Improving sleep for patients in the adult intensive care unit (ICU)E Boorman, et al
PP6Implementation of a critical incidence stress management program at a tertiary care hospitalE Folz and R Kampman
PP7The role of the advanced practice nurse in supporting critical care nurses experiencing moral distressK Gibb, et al
PP11A randomized controlled trial of a serious iIlness communication workshop for nurses in critical care.MM Marles, et al
PP15ICU delirium: A multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach to prevention and treatment.K Webb-Anderson, et al
PP16Intensive Care Unit (ICU) pressure injury prevention: When ‘under pressure’, use evidence to inform action! K Webb-Anderson, et al


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