Brenda Morgan Leadership Excellence Award

Presented annually to a critical care nurse who, on a consistent basis demonstrates outstanding performance in leadership in critical care.

Chapter of the Year Awards – Award under review  

  • Sponsor:  First Place: Philips Canada; Second Place: CACCN
  • Award:  First Place $ 1000 and Second Place $ 500
  • Award Criteria and Online Submission

Chasing Excellence Award

Presented annually to a critical care nurse who consistently demonstrates excellence in critical care nursing practice.

Innovative Project Award(s)

The Spacelabs Healthcare Innovative Project Awards are presented annually to a group of critical care nurses who develop a project that will enhance their professional development. 

  • Sponsor:  Spacelabs Healthcare
  • Awards: 1st Place $ 1000; 2nd Place $ 500 OR Two Awards: $ 750
  • Award Criteria and Online Submission

Life Member Award

Life Member status is conferred by the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (CACCN) to individuals who have demonstrated sustained support and exceptional contributions to the CACCN, as well as the advancement of the art and science of critical care nursing through practice, education, research leadership and advocacy for the specialty.

Sharing Expertise Award

The BBraun Medical of Canada Ltd Sharing Expertise Award is presented annually to an individual who exhibits stellar leadership and mentoring abilities in critical care. 

  • Sponsor:  BBraun Medical of Canada Ltd
  • Award:  Dynamics Conference Tuition, Travel Bursary, Hotel Bursary
  • Award Criteria and Online Submission